Campaign Contribution Rebate Program

A campaign contribution rebate program, applicable to contributions to candidates for a position on council, was approved on September 25, 2017 and is outlined in By-law 2017-063, available on the Town website.

Candidate requirements

A candidate for an office on the municipal council who participates in the rebate program:

  • shall comply with section 88.25 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, (the Act) as amended, requiring that a financial statement be filed on or before 2 p.m. on the filing date, reflecting the candidate’s election campaign finances;
  • shall submit the documents filed under subsection 88.25 of the Act, along with a copy of the receipt issued for each contribution;
  • shall pay any campaign surplus to the Corporation of the Town of Oakville which shall become the property of the municipality; and
  • shall file all of the appropriate documentation in accordance with the Act, and By-law 2017-063, and any compliance audit applications shall be resolved in favour of the candidate, prior to any rebates being issued to contributors.

Candidates participating in the rebate program will be issued receipts by the Town Clerk to be used for eligible contributors. Receipts shall be issued to the contributor at the time the contribution is received.

The original copy of the receipt will serve as the contributor’s application form for a campaign contribution rebate, and must be filed with the Town Clerk, by the contributor, on or before 4:30 p.m., June 27, 2019. If the candidates’ campaign period is extended, under paragraph 4 or 5 of subsection 88.25 (1) of the Act, the application for rebate must be submitted within six (6) months after the date the receipt is issued.

Contributor requirements:

  • the contributor must be an eligible elector, residing in the Town of Oakville;
  • the minimum contribution qualifying for a rebate shall be $100;
  • each contribution of $100 or more shall be eligible for a rebate of 50%;
  • Corporations and Trade Unions are not eligible to participate in the rebate program;
  • a candidate for an office on municipal council or their family member, as defined in By-law 2017-063, are not eligible to receive a rebate for contributions to that individual candidate’s campaign; and
  •  a contributor must complete and submit the white portion of the rebate receipt to the Clerk’s department within the required time-frame(s).

For more details regarding the rebate program please refer to By-law 2017-063.

Candidates should encourage contributors to submit their rebate application forms as soon as they receive them. Candidates are responsible for ensuring contributors do not exceed the maximum contribution limits of $1200 per candidate and a maximum total contribution of $5000.