2000 Municipal Election Official Results


Ann Mulvale - Acclaimed

Ward 1 Local and Regional Councillor

Kevin Flynn - Acclaimed

Ward 1 Local Councillor

Ralph Robinson - Acclaimed

Ward 2 Local and Regional Councillor

Fred Oliver: 1989 - Elected
Simon Dann: 1295
David Bazar: 1148

Ward 2 Local Councillor

Linda Hardacre: 2880 - Elected
Mary Paul: 1389

Ward 3 Local and Regional Councillor

F. Keith Bird - Acclaimed

Ward 3 Local Councillor

Tedd Smith - Acclaimed

Ward 4 Local and Regional Councillor

Allan Elgar: 3384 - Elected
Stephen Sparling: 2239

Ward 4 Local Councillor

Jody Sanderson - Acclaimed

Ward 5 Local and Regional Councillor

Jeff Knoll: 2305 - Elected
Liz Behrens: 2237

Ward 5 Local Councillor

Janice Caster - Acclaimed

Ward 6 Local and Regional Councillor

Kurt Franklin: 2213 - Elected
Roberta Need: 1513

Ward 6 Local Councillor

Janice Wright: 2435 - Elected
Jim Smith: 994

Halton Regional Chairman

Joyce Savoline: 11,716 - Elected
Anne Marsden: 6,498
Lisa Cooper: 4,625

Trustees, Halton District School Board

Wards 1 & 2

Drew Currah - Acclaimed

Ward 3

Mary Chapin: 2115 - Elected
Wendy Burton: 1784

Ward 4

Annette Kirk: 1749 - Elected
Peter Petrusich: 1402

Wards 5 & 6

Kelly Amos - Acclaimed

Trustees, Halton Catholic District School Board

Charlie Jordan - Acclaimed
Alice Anne LeMay - Acclaimed
Ed Viana - Acclaimed

Le conseil scolaire catholique de district sud

Robert J. Hetu - Acclaimed

Le conseil scolaire public de district du sud-ouest #58

Jean Felix Desmarais - Acclaimed

Ballot Question

Should the Town of Oakville amend its sign by-law 1994-142 to allow for the erection and display of billboard/third party signs within the Town of Oakville, yes or no?


No: 21052
Yes: 3711

Total responded: 24,763

Explanatory Note

The referendum question asked of the eligible Oakville electors was passed by Council through By-Law 2000-152 on July 25, 2000, pursuant to the requirements of the Direct Democracy through Municipal Referendums Act, 2000. In order for the results of the question to be binding on the Council, the legislation required

that at least 50 per cent of the eligible electors in the Town of Oakville must have voted
that 50 per cent plus one vote must support either "yes" or "no" with regards to the referendum question

Oakville had a voter turnout of approximately 27 per cent; therefore, the results of the referendum question are only advisory to the Council. Approximately 25,950 voters out of approximately 96,111 eligible voters, voted in the 2000 election. Please be advised that the total number of overall votes cast may not equal the total number of votes cast regarding the referendum question as some electors chose not to respond to the question, or had forfeited or spoiled this section of their ballot in some way. For further information, contact the Clerk's Department, 905-845-6601 or via e-mail, townclerk@oakville.ca.