2015 By-Election Official Results

Declaration of Results (pdf, 435 kB)

Results by Location

Summary with Percentages

Voting Statistics

Eligible voters: 18,998
Ballots cast: 4,112
Voter turnout: 21.64%

Financial Statements

This list contains copies of all candidate financial statements that were filed by 2 p.m. on September 11, 2015 for the position of Town Councillor, Ward 6, in the 2015 Municipal By-Election.

Carleen Antonsen - Financial Statement (pdf, 186 kB)

Gordon Brennan - Financial Statement (pdf, 4,161 kB)

Asjad Hussain - Financial Statement (pdf, 199 kB)

Mansoor Khan - Financial Statement (pdf, 2,704 kB)

Natalia Lishchyna - Financial Statement (pdf, 598 kB)

Linda Nazareth - Financial Statement (pdf, 3,487kB)

John Paulic - Financial Statement (pdf, 188 kB)

Frank Perrotta (withdrawn)

Gurinder Singh - Financial Statement (pdf, 240 kB)

Jim Smith

Shanaka Weerasinghe - Financial Statement (pdf, 242 kB)

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